Clean Energy Report Card tracks progress.

In 2011, our report, Ohio's Clean Energy Report Card, showcased the remarkable progress Ohio is making with renewable energy. But our report also showed how each utility is doing on their goals, helping to shape the conversation about clean energy in Ohio.

News Release | Environment Ohio

50 Franklin County Business Owners Support Action on Climate

Columbus, OH – Today, over 50 Franklin County small business owners joined Environment Ohio, the Sierra Club, and other climate allies to demand action on climate. The small businesses took a stand because climate change is not only an issue that will affect future generations – it is already impacting our communities, families, and businesses.

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News Release | Environment Ohio

Ohioans support President Obama’s Climate Action Plan

COLUMBUS – Today, on November 16th more than 200 Ohioans rallied on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse to support immediate action to stop global warming. Families and concerned citizens from communities across the Buckeye State were joined by environmental groups, public health experts, faith leaders, and clean energy businesses in support of President Obama’s plan to regulate carbon emissions from new and existing power plants, the nation’s number one source of global warming pollution.

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Ohio dumping ground for fracking waste?

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) - The oil and gas industry in Ohio is booming but with the riches come the spoils. In this case, it's the brine. The toxic waste water is a necessary by-product in the process, and Ohio is a popular dumping ground.

Reports show 60 percent of the brine that is injected in Ohio originates in other states.

If you travel Interstate 80 near the state line, you will see a daily influx of tanker trucks coming into Ohio; the majority from our neighbors in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Their destination is one of almost 200 class two injection wells in Ohio where they dispose of their cargo-brine water.

Christian Adams with Environment Ohio submitted a report ‘Fracking by the Numbers.” The report compiles data on the key impacts of the shale drilling industry here. The group claims Ohio law is not tough enough and is allowing the industry to destroy the environment.

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News Release | Environment Ohio

Ohio Haunted by Global Warming

Columbus, OH – Today in Columbus, Environment Ohio held an event to release “Ten Scary Global Warming Facts Plaguing Ohio,” a new factsheet that compiles 10 of the most frightening realities about global warming pollution. Many activists joined the group ready for a Global Warming Day of Action that involved petition collections, photo petitions, and on the spot phone calls to Congressmen and women asking for their support on climate action.

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News Release | Environment Ohio Research & Policy Center

Fracking by the Numbers: New Report from Environment Ohio Research and Policy Center First to Quantify Damage Done by Gas Drilling

Youngstown, OH — As many Ohioans consider community bans on drilling and state officials demand disclosure of fracking chemicals, a new report charges that Ohio drilling operations are  producing 30 million gallons of wastewater each year – enough to flood the Ohio statehouse under 90 feet of toxic waste. The Environment Ohio Research & Policy Center report "Fracking by the Numbers" is the first of its kind to measure the footprint of fracking in Ohio to date.

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