Hocking Hills is Ohio’s hidden treasure—and it’s up to us to safeguard it for future generations

Hocking Hills is Ohio’s hidden treasure—and it’s up to us to safeguard it for future generations. Our kids, and their grandkids, ought to be able to hike around Conkle’s Hollow; boat, swim, and fish in Lake Logan; and appreciate the beauty of the waterfalls at Old Man’s Cave. These iconic places, and all of Hocking Hills, should get the best level of protection we can afford.

After a decade of cuts... more cuts?

But Hocking Hills is being shortchanged. Over the last decade, state parks funding has been cut nearly in half, putting our parks at increased risk of development, pollution and disrepair.

In fact, our parks have a maintenance backlog of more than $500 million. And yet they lost funding again this year.

Hocking Hills gives us so much. We must meet our obligation to future generations by preserving the area’s pristine beauty.

Environment Ohio is pushing for permanent funding to protect Hocking Hills and maintain the trails, cabins, lodges and historic bridges that make the area an Ohio treasure.

Hocking Hills deserves better

Hocking Hills State Park relies on state funding to hire park rangers, keep park facilities maintained, and make basic resources like clean water available to visitors. 

But funding for our state parks has been cut year after year for the last decade. And this year, instead of restoring badly needed funding, Gov. John Kasich and the Legislature cut our state parks budget yet again.

With less money to pay for the basics, there’s more pressure on parks to turn to desperate measures like offering up their land for drilling and logging.

A hundred years ago, Ohioans came together to protect areas in Hocking Hills. It’s up to us to make sure that the region stays protected for future generations. Take action to perceive Hocking Hills today.

Together, we can win

Supporters like you make it possible for our staff to conduct research, make our case to the media, testify at the Statehouse, and persuade elected officials to make the right choices.

By taking action online, you can show the Legislature that the public overwhelmingly supports Hocking Hills and wants to see it receive the funding, support and protection it needs.

Join our campaign today. Click here to help preserve Hocking Hills.

Preservation Updates

News Release | Environment Ohio

House Subcommittee Guts Climate, Clean Water, and Park Protections

Yesterday the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies moved to slash the FY 2014 Interior and Environment Appropriations budget by 18 percent.


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Secretary Salazar Announces Important Step toward Protecting the Grand Canyon from Toxic Mining

Today, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced that the Department of the Interior has chosen the withdrawal of one million acres of land around Grand Canyon National Park from new mining claims for up to twenty years as the agency’s preferred course of action and that it would continue to protect these areas under an emergency withdrawal until the release of a final decision, expected at the end of the year. Environment America’s Anna Aurilio issued the following statement:

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Obama Administration Reconsiders Plans for Offshore Oil Drilling

At a news conference today, Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced that the department would extend the public comment period on the draft five year plan for oil and gas development that the Bush administration put in place in its last days in office.  Environment Ohio Program Director, Amy Gomberg issued the following statement in response:

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Clean Ohio Fund a National Example of Success

As states face tight budgets in the economic downturn, a new report released by Environment Ohio today draws on the experience of 15 states in securing reliable funding for open space programs.   Among its key recommendations, Preserving Our Natural Heritage embraces bringing preservation measures directly to the voters – as is happening this fall in Minnesota, Ohio, Colorado, Georgia, and Florida.

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